Baby Judah


    Name: - Judah Brenton
    Birthdate: - Monday, August 18 2008
    Age: - 9 years, 11 months
  • Birth Stats: 7 lbs 14 oz, 21 inches
  • Current Stats: 21lbs, 29 inches

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Suzanne Pickens (Sunday, January 4 2009)

The pics are great! I know Christmas must have been so special this year! Judah is amazing. I''ll be praying for you this week and beyond as you get back to the crazy life!

Laura Deery (Thursday, January 1 2009)

Wow! How things have changed. This site is amazing. When I had babies, there was just regular ole'' paper and you could include a 4 x 6 photo. Great job. What a cutie Judah is. You are very blessed. ...more

Leah Parry (Wednesday, December 24 2008)

Merry Christmas! Judah is such a cute guy, and I was so impressed with how he quietly enjoyed church on Sunday. Thanks for sharing your site with us.

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News Journal

(Wednesday, March 11 2009)

Hey friends and family! Judah will be 7 mths next week! I can''t believe how fast time flies! He''s still a healthy, active boy. He''s closing in on 30 inches already which means he''s wearing 12 ...more

(Saturday, February 14 2009)

Happy Valentine''s Day! Judah had his 6 mth doc app yesterday - he''s "perfect" according to the doctor. Of course, we could have told her that. =) Our little man has officially outgrown his infant car seat! We''re putting ...more

(Saturday, January 17 2009)

Judah will be 5 months tomorrow! Man, the time flies! Our little man is now a solid 19+ lbs and 28.5 inches long! He seems to be staying well in the tall growth curve. His eye ...more

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